Fancy meeting you here

If anyone is interested in buying me new shoes, please feel free.
The muddied grass has completely destroyed them, and probably would have consumed them too if I gave it a chance.

Tuesday the 26th of February greeted us with the beginning of O-Week.
And rain. In all honesty, I never realised that the ‘O’ in ‘O-week’ stood of ‘Orientation’ until about… a couple of weeks ago.

An overload of information, a whole heap of new human beings to get accustomed to and the locating of numerous buildings somewhat overwhelmed me. But only to such an extent. I enjoyed the ‘newness’ of the whole situation.
I have been looking forward to starting Uni since forever ago, (obviously not literally).

As I was saying. Tuesday. Rain.

You see, rain does this thing where it decides to wash away who you really are and replace you with some strange ‘drowned rat’ representation. My friend and I hunted down the closest bathroom in an attempt to rid all signs of the attack of rain.
… Actually, we just wanted to dry our feet.

I dare you to walk into the nearest bathroom next time you’re at Uni and lift your legs up underneath the dryer. Then, let me know how many strange looks you get each time some ‘normal’ person has to go to the toilet. The person who receives the highest number of strange looks wins a prize.*

Feet dried, we made our way over to our connect group, where we received these uber cool wrist bands, (this is called exaggeration), and met with fellow Education students, who we ended up spending the majority of the day with.

I totally wagged Wednesday, (oooh rebel). Though I wish I went.

Thursday rocked up. TIMETABLING DAY!!
9:00am frantic LMS/OASIS tutorial choices occurred, (let’s just say I know who’s quite pleased with herself), and back to Uni I went.

This is the day that resulted in my ruined shoes and my newfound fear of the ELT 4.
Why have I developed such a fear? I don’t know about you, but I’m not necessarily a fan of having some guys nude backside shoved in your face.

As for the rest of the year at La Trobe, I have no idea what to expect.
Probably something that goes a little like this:
Excitement, meeting new people, getting lost, tiredness, stressfulness, relief, etcetera.

The minuscule O-Week survival guide:
– Wear heavy duty water proof shoes, (if rainy)
– Bring cash!! Waiting in line at the ATM is not thrilling
– Know what day you need to be there for. Some pretty vital information may be revealed
– Make sure you’re on time
– Bring an umbrella, (again, if rainy)
– Introduce yourself to people. Particularly those in your course. Unless you despise people. But then you’re placing yourself in a pretty tricky situation
– A map may be handy
– Oh, and the Orientation Program
– Guys, pickup lines could be useful. For example: ‘My love for you is like diarrhoea, I just can’t hold it in’. Or something less indecent, if you wish.
– Girls, large handbags. This is for all the freebies you’ll collect throughout the week.

I would like to reiterate:
If anyone is interested in buying me new shoes, please feel free.

~ Victoria

*Prize: the satisfaction of winning. If keen, an umbrella. 

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