On your marks, get set, GO!

It goes to say most of the newcomers at Latrobe (Bundoora campus, in my experience) were lost in more ways than one, however, amidst the dizzying experience that is to find yourself taking a wrong turn and only after consulting an app finding yourself across the other side of the campus, o-week was an exhilarating experience!

It’s confronting, especially as university is an utterly different scenario than what most would’ve felt at high school, especially as how you start carving your own path of learning and your learning is, technically, your own responsibility. Sure, when you take that view who wouldn’t feel a tad intimidated? Thankfully there were so many various events tailored for everyone to be able to meet new people, and after the whole awkwardness of shuffling your feet, averting eye contact (or imagining the other person’s eyes are located on their feet) and utterly dismal attempts at flattery; ‘Wow, I…uh, really like your…s-shoelaces.’, you can’t help but feel a touch happier that you actually initiated conversation with someone who wasn’t located behind a screen. (No? Just me? Okay then.)

And the campus itself (after dismissing the imagery that it was the next location of the hunger games), despite all of its twists and turns, is a rather spectacular sight to behold! Provided, of course, that it’s not belting down rain and your only mode of getting around is to swim from point A to point B. Back to the point, I was truly in awe of how much wildlife and greenery was present, and we have a moat? Although practically useless in stopping the forces of enemy universities, how many universities can brag about having a giant moat? (No, seriously!)

Although o-week is over now, I’m incredibly enthusiastic (as most newbies would be) to be able to start lectures and tutorials, meet and work with several others, gain many more friends (I sincerely hope) and become part of and enjoy university life!

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