Week #1 – The first impressions.

Hi, my name is Sara, I’m 17 and I am taking on my first year of Bachelor of Health Sciences/ Master of Clinical Proshetics and Orthotics. After a hectic final year of school, I’m excited and anxious to start this uni life that I’ve heard about for the past few years; one of freedom, independence and responsibility.

Two days into o-week and it’s clear that university definitely gives a sense of freedom, independence and responsibility; I’ve already experienced enough bus and train changes to be inspired to start driving daily to get my hours up.

As I walked through the campus during enrolment and ate my subway alone on a bench, I thought that uni wasn’t the fun, frivolous world I’d been told about. I thought it was somewhere I wouldn’t belong at all.
The only person who bothered to smile at me was the girl who served me at Subway.

Since then, in o-week, I’ve been taking more risks and talking to people; whether in the line for free food infront of the sports centre, or just waiting around for the first of many lectures on Human Biosciences. The people I’ve met have been so interesting; from a guy who told me that where he came from, there was no daylight savings, to a girl, who had moved here from Sydney and knew absolutely no one.

Ahh Human Biosciences. The apparently hardest subject of my first year load.
I’m kind of dreading this subject. I’m not really a biology or a chemistry person… I don’t know what kind of “academic person” i am. I think I’m a LOTE person, actually. I love LOTE.
Which has utterly nothing to do with my faculty.

However, I’ve chosen an elective of Italian in second semester. I’ve studied italian for 13 years now (if you count i colori from grade prep) and it’s not something I just want to give up.

Besides meeting new people and starting first year, what I’m really looking forward to is beginning second year! Is it too soon? Perhaps.

This is when the health sciences double degree courses kick in properly … into that specialised area that you’ve chosen. For me, that is P and O.

Prosthetics and Orthotics.
I’ve spent most of VCE explaining to people this dream career, so if you were to ask me… “oh… like … teeth?”,
the automated response goes like;
“Nahh. Prosthetics is like fake limbs for people with amputated joints. Orthotics is bracing and support for muscles and bones.”

Yeah, my definition isn’t spot on, but I don’t want to befuddle people as soon as I’ve met them.

I wore a brace to treat my scoliosis (east-west curve of the spine) for 3 years. My orthotist went from being someone I despised to someone that I eventually aspired to be like.

I was assured of my career choice on the first day of o-week, when one of the P&O lecturers (? I think… I can’t remember) said something that absolutely confirmed my desire; we were in this course for the sake of empathy and to never lose sight of it.

It was true – I picked prosthetics and orthotics because I wanted to help teenagers with scoliosis, and I knew I could bring my own suffering to good use. I’m a great believer that everything is for a reason, and perhaps that hot, sticky, uncomfortable plastic shell that trapped me in the height of my teenage years was a blessing in disguise.

3 thoughts on “Week #1 – The first impressions.

  1. biancarowena2013 says:

    aww, that’s such a positive way to look at life! ^_^ You’re going to be an amazing prosthetics and orthotics doctor cuz you can sympathize with the patients! Good luck on your first year of university! (I’m in university too, just part time)

  2. sarapats says:

    awww wow I wasn’t expecting any replies!
    thank you sooo much, bianca, I really hope so! 🙂 good luck with your uni year too!
    Thank youuu xxsimplystunningxx, hope you will find your health services class really enjoyable this year. 🙂

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