Heatwave – Sashay away.

Latrice Royale

Shout out to the people keeping the air-con running in all the buildings on campus lately! Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

Not sure what it’s been like up in Bendigo, Shep, Mildura and Albury-Wodonga, but Melbourne = hot as Hades. Blessed be the cool change.

O-week is now but a memory, I’ve broken in my showbag pens and weaned myself (mostly) off a diet of fanfiction, DVD marathons and sleep-ins. Speaking of showbags, for next year I really think the following essentials ought to be included:

  1. Sunscreen – a little tube goes a long way
  2. Plastic poncho – in case your O-week gets rained out (it will)
  3. One-size fits all booty shorts. Agora a-go-go!

Please and thankyou. (For real though, booty shorts for all is a great idea)

I’m really grateful to me from two months ago for deciding to scope out campus ahead of first semester –  I checked out the library when it opened back up after the holidays, got familiar with what was on each floor, where drinking fountains and toilets are situated (do not underestimate this vital information), what buildings the Faculties inhabit etc.

Two of my favourite finds from Week 1 :

  • The Weekly Study Planner at Ready4Uni – print that baby and highlight like you’re being paid for it
  • Stumbling across the Ngarn-gi Bagora Indigenous Centre while heading to my firstlecture – I felt so welcomed and so comfortable, and chuffed to bits at all the support and information available.

I have such vivid memories of begining first semester at Swinburne in 2010, of literally vibrating with nerves for the first three days – the adrenaline taking about a week to wear off. The twelve months between deferring from Latrobe in 2012 and starting this year have really soothed those nerves. I finished high school in ’08, so it’s something of a pleasant shock to the system to see so many young people in one place – unless i’ve missed the memo on mature-aged students all being sponsored by Oil of Olay or something.

So far all the Health Sciences Core First Year subjects have really interesting lecture content, and the workshops have been exciting, if daunting at first. What more could I ask for? (see above)

Little Edie - Grey Gardens

Little Edie, or Me outside the library? You decide!

Between now and first assignment deadlines; reading, reading, yet more reading. I like that so many of the Enquiry and Worskshop preparation activities are quizzes and videos, and the set texts have yet to bore me.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Pride Week celebrations (March 26 -28) just before the mid-semester break – I know I will be!

For now, words of advice from the wisest of the wise – RuPaul.

Amen. Over and out.

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