Hi! Ehrm, Help?

Hi guys, how are you all??

I hope week two has been going well for you, or, I guess I’m checking in to see if you, like me, have maybe been freaking out just a little bit.

So! Week Two:  Uni life seems pretty cool, but, at the same time, seems able to scare the pants off you (or is that just me?).  “WHAT AM I DOING?” Could be something that is constantly going around in your head (trust me, it’s been going around mine), or maybe you’re totally cool and rocking it. Either way, some things are probably still new to you, and I don’t know, but I’m guessing we’ve all got different ways of dealing with it, but we’ll get back to this.

Hopefully by now you’ve sussed out where all of your lectures, workshops, tutes, whatever are, and you’ve managed to get yourself to the right one, at the right time, and in the right venue. It’s unfair, but I do always find it a liiiittle bit funny when someone sits down in a chair next to you and goes: “This is the such and such (insert Arts subject) lecture, right?” And you go: “Uhhm, no. This is Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing…”. Or when someone has sat down, the lecture has started, and they’ve tried to be inconspicuous, slowly started to creep out of their seat and out the door. Hehe. If, like me, you’ve checked your timetable a million times before arriving at your destination, hopefully you’ve avoided doing this. If not, that’s ok. Thanks for providing some brief entertainment to your peers. Just kidding! We think you’re really silly. No, seriously, it’s cool. We do actually understand. The campus is so huge!

Something that I’ve so far found a great help has been the Lost On Campus app. Seriously, get on to it. Even if you now know where all your rooms and lecture theatres are, if you want to find something, anything, it will be on the app. Toilets (e.g often in the Ladies’ Agora loos there is a big queue – there is a huge, generally vacant toilet block in the library right next door! Who knew?! Well maybe you did, but, shh), water fountains (keep hydrated in this gross, gross heat, guys), study spaces, Uni services, ATMs, shops, coffee, food, transport, printing (another avoiding queue tip: I’ve noticed that usually if there is a big line for the level 1 main student printer in the library, there is quite often almost no one at the second student printer, located almost directly behind it, 200m down the way), secret places, the art gallery (Did you know we have a La Trobe University Museum of Art, LUMA, on Campus? Go check out the I WANT CHANGE exhibition – worth a look!), you name it; Lost on Campus will lead you directly to it. Brilliant. Especially for wandering around and productively procrastinating (I’ve obviously not done this at all this week…), seeking out new places and exploring your campus! Yiew!

Getting to know your campus can be fun, – and lets be honest, you probably got your head around it pretty quickly during weeks O and 1 anyway, you clever uni student, you! – However, an aspect of this week that may have seemed scary to some of you could have involved getting to know your workshop or tute groups.
– Now I don’t really know how tute groups or different faculties work, but being in the Faculty of Health Science Core First Year requires working in teams of five to seven students within your class groups, for the entirety or semester. You have no choice over your allocation, and you’re probably not going to have previously met/known any of your fellow team members. Now, work with them, collaborate, communicate, and churn out all of your course work together. GO!  Sound a little bit intimidating? Yeah, I thought it was. Maybe you’ve got on like a house on fire with your team from the outset, or maybe things have been a bit awkward and even trying to communicate has felt a bit like pulling teeth. Maybe you don’t know where you stand in the group dynamic, or even what the group dynamic is. It’s all a bit weird. Throughout the week though, I’ve already felt like it’s going to be ok. One of my groups has been bulleting ahead, which is good, and my other has only just started to feel like we’re relaxing and going to meld together. Different people, different groups, but I guess we’re all in the same boat and we’re going to come together as we need to. I personally think the best way to deal with it is to give it a good chance, don’t run away because it’s a bit scary, and don’t judge people from their first group meeting, they may just be scared too!

Before I wrap up, I’m going to quickly mention that I’m already having huge doubts about my course choice, and as exciting as some aspects have been, do I really want to even be at uni? I had a gap year in 2012, so it’s been quite easy to get used to not studying, and I really didn’t spend any of that time considering my choices or options regarding this year/my life in general. It’s overwhelming and huge and, not going to lie, some of it already seems pretty boring, despite a few things that have caught my interest. Is it normal to feel like this? I guess uni is a big change and it is still really only early days. If I’m still feeling this way next week I’m going to check out some of the student services to chat to, I hear that they’re fantastic and free, so that sounds like a win win situation to me!

In the mean time though, I want to hear from you!

First years: What has YOUR week 2 looked like? Were you one of those people sneaking out of the wrong lecture? What have you found on campus that you think is really cool? How have your first group meetings gone down? And most importantly, how are you feeling about it all? Any doubts? No doubts? How are you dealing with it all? I want to hear about anything you want to talk about, just post me a comment below, let me know how you’re going!
Anyone/everyone else (Not that you’re any less important!):  let me know either how you felt when you started, or offer up any tips or tricks about getting into the swing of everything. I’d also welcome any feedback or comments on my post. As with uni, I’m fairly new to this!

Thanks guys!

Isobel xoxo

One thought on “Hi! Ehrm, Help?

  1. Mitch says:

    Guilty as charged, sat for 20 minutes in the wrong lab and only found out when I tried to ask the person next to me about the work :s

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