Getting there

I know when and where all my lectures and tutorials are off by heart.
Yes, I’m that cool.

Recently, the weather has this annoying tendency to get really hot on a Wednesday. The only day where I happen to be in the hottest lecture theatre in the universe. Not exaggerating. Undercroft Lecture Theatre, anyone?

To be honest with you, I thought uni would be a breeze. Especially first year. But it’s really not that breezy. I already have 4 assignments all going on at once and all due around the same time. And I’m meant to be reading 7 books for English at some point. And learn how to reference properly. And I’m slowly falling behind.

So, this post is really hard to write.
Because I know I have essays to be writing.
And readings to be completed.
But I think I like blogging. So I’ll stick with it.

Heading into uni is now a normality. Nothing overly exciting, or scary, or different. I still get uber hungry in class and have trouble remembering some peoples names. But other than that, I guess I’m adapting to this new lifestyle fairly easily. Apart from the fact that I’m quite obviously not managing my time wisely.
*Note to self: stop perfecting procrastination.

I submitted my first assignment the other day.
I must admit, I was a little nervous submitting it online.
What if it didn’t go through? Oh my gosh, I haven’t even checked.
What if I had stupid mistakes I forgot to correct?
Or what if I attached the wrong document?
I’m just scaring myself now. I’m going to stop.

Tip #1: Finishing things ahead of time feels great.

Breaking News: I found out which primary school and year level I’ll be in for my placement. I also found out that it’s going to take me approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to this school via public transport, but only 10 minutes via car (thank goodness my lovely mother may drive me). I really, really, really wanted to be in either a prep or grade 1/2 class. Guess what class I’m in?


Grade 6. Yay, they’ll be taller than me -.-

How do I bring everything I need to uni without hurting my shoulders?
Now, even carrying an empty bag hurts me.
It’s really quite sad.
Please help me.

*This is where you provide me with a sufficient response, thank you*

~ Victoria

4 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. connectbec says:

    Well you could be one of those people who brings a wheely suitcase full of stuff to campus. Not a giant one, just one roughly the same size as a backpack. People do do it, usually lecturers, but you could start a trend!

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