Groups, creepy insects and that occasional bus stop pickup.

Third week in.

I’d be a complete liar if I said things were going ultra smoothly.

I’d be lying if I said that university life is easy to adapt to.

It’s that balance between the social stuff and the academic progress that I’m lacking.

Assignments are piling up.

The thing about first year health sciences is the masssivvveee load of group work.

Every subject, nearly every assignment, is in teams. We generally have 2 teams – 1 for HBA and PHW and one for the other two subjects that start with I (IPA and IDH).  We just did our first group assignment.
It was worth no marks, but it allowed me to get a feel of how our team functions, I guess.

Which, upon review, I realised was quite well.

Kids, groupwork in uni is not as pain-inducing as it was in high school, where no one cared.

Everyone in both my groups cares so much that I’m scared I’ll quickly turn into the slack one.

I hope my groups keep up the fabulous effort. 🙂 We get along very well and are both efficient. One group is more friendly and the other group is more efficient, so I embrace the positives of both.

Other than the actual uni workload, I also have several other things on my plate.

Dancing 2 nights a week, working at a supermarket on the weekend, working as a tutor at my high school 3 days a week.

I’ve just had the first meeting for DUMBLEDORE’S ARMY.

This is the first year La Trobe is running a harry potter fan club, so I was pretty happy to be a part of it.

Embarrassingly, at the welcome picnic, I made a rollaway escape as a giant 6 legged insect landed on my top. So, if for nothing else, I guess I’ll be remembered for that. I need to stop rolling away from slightly creepy insects. It’s not very mature of me.

Oh yeah. I turned 18 last week. It’s not all it’s cranked up to be really, besides the fact that people do take you slightly more seriously now. I think… Well, not when you have a 13 year old’s body like me. Being told that by a stranger on your birthday… it’s very comforting to know hahah.

The most exciting event of this week was Profession Mentoring. ❤ ❤ ❤
Yup, the first bit of prosthetics and orthotics that I experienced for the year.
It was pretty exciting for me, but I have to admit, I’m not particularly interested in lower limb prostheses or orthoses.

They look something like this, if you’re wondering.


Let’s not be negative, but the worst thing about uni is not seeing your best friends everyday. I really miss the kids I used to eat my lunch with at school. It was so comfortable, that spot in the corridor.

What is exciting and a little unsettling about uni is that unless you plan to meet people (which, let’s face it, i’m too lazy to), you can end up having lunch with a different group of people everyday. Or by yourself.

But “by yourself” isn’t a bad thing in uni. Have I mentioned that before? Heh.

My new favourite spot to study is… I don’t even know where it is, but it’s this quiet little room down near Simpson Lawn. It’s a really sweet little room, dead silent usually. I have a group of kids in my course who come study with me when we feel up to it.

Otherwise we go and sit in that Simpson lawn. It’s really really quite pretty. 🙂

Tip of the day: make friends at the bus stop.

I always always end up talking to random people at the bus stop. Usually people at the bus stop are quite friendly (if they’re not in too much of a hurry to get home.. and at this stage of the year, I haven’t met many really occupied people.)
Anyway, start the conversation with, “sorry, do you know what number bus goes to … westland?” (i never will learn those bus numbers).
You have to be careful at this stage to assess their mood/personality by their answer. If you get a warm reply back or even better, a wordy reply, they might appreciate a chat with a random stranger.
if you get a cold reply back, don’t bother trying any further. You won’t be doing either of you any good. But as I said, usually people at bus stops are quite nice.

So in the not-so-rare case that they do give a nice answer, you can be like, “well thank you! So what are you studying?”

Man I’m such a creep. Teaching you how to “pick up” at the bus stop. Of course, this is for picking up friends haha. But who knows, maybe your next bus stop friend may end up your husband! Or wife.

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