Hectic much?

To be honest, I hadn’t even realised how much time has passed since coming to University. At first I was thinking “Oh yeah, Orientation was last week!” when suddenly a voice in my brain pipes up; “Uhhh no. It wasn’t. That was weeks ago.” And then I stand utterly still, a look of pure confusion etched on my face most, probably freaking out the people passing me. Like so:


Truthfully, I think I’ve been having so much fun that I’ve just stopped counting the days (my poor wall calendar hasn’t been touched in at least a month!), and learned to just go with the flow. Meeting new people has also become less daunting. I guess, after a while, many seem to loosen up after the first couple of weeks, especially after the whole daunting aspect of holding conversation with total strangers wears off minutely. All it takes is a couple of minutes of small talk and then BAM! You both find out you like playing Skyrim (and then commence to spend an hour discussing games). Would you like my advice for making new friends?  Most importantly, make the first move! I know, I know, it’s intimidating! But you certainly can’t go through university, let alone life without making new connections (and I heavily advise that you don’t!). Trust me; your university experience will be a whole lot better when you have an amigo by your side!

Let’s jump to another topic! How is everyone coping with the workload? Keeping up or figuratively drowning? I really hope for your sake it isn’t the latter. What I’ve noticed with my work is that it’s easier to split it up and do it separately at different times. For example; I separate all my Japanese homework into sections: Grammar, Reading and Writing, Conversation. I then commence to work on these independently, if I did all that work in the one hit I’d seriously be looking for the nearest cliff.


I confess, after months of being able to bum around, getting your head around studying can be absolute hell, never fear though! There’ll always be others in the same boat as you and if you’re finding it really difficult I’d recommend talking or shooting an email to your subject tutor, I’m certain they’d be happy to help you through the struggle! Remember, it’s easier to fix a problem now than wait a couple of weeks for it to manifest into something absolutely terrible!

Reader discussion time!

So tell me, lovely readers, how have you been breaking the ice with random people? Have you found people that flail in excitement over the same interests? Studying like hell, or studying when hell freezes over? Any tips and tricks to help fellow students not gouge their eyes out with the corners of their sleek new laptops in regards to studying?

I’d love to hear from you guys!

Yvesie out!

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