Learning from my mistake

Well boys and girls, we have officially reached week 4. We’ve passed the scary and intimidating first week, the slightly less (but ultimately still quite daunting) second week, but by the third hopefully many of us were feeling slightly more comfortable…so comfortable in fact, we thought we could get away with maybe skipping a lecture or two?

This is what this post is about; how easily we can fall into the habit of missing a lecture here and there until one day we walk into out tutorial and having no clue what is going on. I did this exact thing. On Tuesday, I only have two lectures so last week decided to give them both a miss but promised myself I would watch them online later… only I didn’t.

The following days when I had my tuts, I found myself consumed with regret because not only was I behind, but I also embarrassed myself in front of the group for not being able to answer an (apparently obvious) question.

I know how tempting it is to miss a lecture, especially because they’re not compulsory and don’t go towards our attendance (which let’s face it, is the reason why most of us rarely missed a class in year 12…or it was for me anyway), but we must not give in to temptation, because it will become an unlikely addiction and soon exams will roll around and we will be in a state of frenzy trying to catch up (god I’m sounding a tad dramatic, better lighten up).

Anyway, I’m learning from my mistakes, and hopefully this post means you can learn from my mistakes too! I’m aiming for 100% attendance in lectures from now on! 😛

Cheerio chaps,


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