A little small talk goes a long way

Four weeks into my studies, time itself is warping and bending – the first deadlines

Time and space, what even?

barrelling toward us at a rather reckless pace, weekends zooming away into the distance, echoing with laughter as we mourn the loss of the sleep-in.

How exciting to observe the second law of thermodynamics, entropy itself, at work in my own bedroom – all things tending from more to less ordered and organised at all times.

I say bedroom, I suppose it’s also my ‘study space,’ Ha! My study space (if my PC-dominated desk can be called that) also fills in as my Watching Doctor Who space, my Playing Sims 3 space, and the crucial Explorations of Youtube and Wikipedia space.

I’m sure you’ve read similar recommendations for studying as I have, about having a quiet space, free from distraction. I’m sure this approach works for many, but a lack of potential distractions makes me suspicious and nervy – the opposite of conducive to learning.

BBC’s Cabin Pressure – my #1 Study Aid. You’re welcome

I need the rhythms and patterns of dialogue and conversation to envelop and comfort me: radio comedy is just the thing.

Speaking of things I need, I’m overjoyed and supremely relieved to have made a fellow first-year friend. Turns out we’ve lots in common, including mature-age student status.

It’s very nice to feel not-alone, especially after first week when everybody somehow already knew a bunch of other people.

Feeling isolated or lonely is never fun. I would encourage everyone to be open to engaging in harmless small-talk while going about your business on campus, it’s not likely to ruin all your immediate plans, and you might just make someone’s day.

Something that’s been working really well as a gauge of my understanding: explaining concepts (eg. osmosis) to my Mum, or brother. If I can give them an accurate outline, I know things are sinking in. It’s also useful to pinpoint the gaps in my knowledge, when they ask questions, I can see where I need to study something in greater detail.

So, dear reader, I hope you’ll take two things away from this; let yourself study in the way you find most comfortable, even if that means having the radio on. If you’re feeling lonely and your small-talk is stumbling, ring a friend and chat for ten minutes, or even leave a comment below, i’d love to hear how your day has been.

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