Jetlag, Footy and Gaytimes – Hello Melbourne

golden-gaytimeAfter the longest flight ever, I finally arrived to the most liveable city in the world – Melbourne!. Luckily La Trobe University offers private airport pick-up for all new students. Which was a great relief to me.


I can definitely recommend you to take advantage of the airport pick-up – Especially if you have the same sense of direction as me, which is exactly none, it is very helpful. It’s one less thing you have to worry about when you just arrive plus you often meet other international students who have just arrived as well. You can book it online here when you know your time of arrival.

When settling in a new, strange town you quickly discover that there are so many practical things, and it’s not just all surf, beach and beers, but serious things like finding a place to live. I found this great website called Gumtree, which is the Australian equivalent to E-bay, and this is an ideal website for apartment hunting.

My first week at La Trobe University was the International Week, which is, from what the name implies, only for international students. This means a lot of new, unknown faces, names you forget the minute you hear them, small talk about the weather etc. In other words, just a nerve-wracking experience. Luckily I had been one step ahead, as I had contacted the agency who helped me apply to La Trobe, and they had introduced me to another Danish girl, so I didn’t have to face all this alone.

Feeling very international, lost and exhausted we dragged our jet-lagged bodies to La Trobe University, amongst the 700 other tired-looking overseas students. Surrounded by all the other students who looked exactly like us, confused and tired, we navigated ourselves through the crowd, whilst holding on very tight to our tiny campus maps, we actually managed to find our way around campus.

La Trobe University does a lot for international students and the first week was very informative. We had lectures about Aussie slang, plagiarism, rules and legislation. The police and lifeguards even came out to explain how the police operate in Australia and the lifeguards demonstrated how to be safe on the beach. The Aussie slang lecture was a great and fun way to learn about the general slang terms.

Some words are just slightly different in Australia. Like:

  • G’day – Good day
  • Brekky – Breakfast
  • Cuppa – Cup of tea or coffee
  • Barbie – Barbecue
  • Fair dinkum? – For real?
  • Bonzer! – Very good

My favourite one is good on ya, meaning well done 🙂

Another thing that can come off as a bit odd is the Golden Gaytime. At first you’re like; what is this San Francisco-like phenomenon, but then you figure out that it is actually a very delicious ice-cream, which you by all means have to try!! Otherwise you are definitely missing out.

The first thing we signed up for at O-week at Uni was a surf trip to Philip Island. This was a great and fun way to meet other students. We also signed up for a footy match with the university. Footy is definitely something you have to see while you are here. People from Melbourne are very enthusiastic about their footy, and you will most likely get the question: “So what team are you”. Trust me; just say a suburb and hopefully that’s the end of that conversation.

Last but not least, I have found two other websites that have been very helpful and interesting websites Culture card Victoria and the Meet Up Melbourne.

Good Luck to you all!

Find more information on La Trobe University’s website.

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