Well, things seem to be going okay

For some reason, I was gifted with two conflicting traits at birth. Number 1, an intense fear of failure which manifests itself by taking every little bit of criticism to heart and expresses itself with feelings of inadequacy. Number 2, an incredible talent for procrastination. I don’t know, I just think watching the Bring It On sequels is a much more fun way to use my time than studying and reading. I have terrible taste. And yet, somehow I managed to finish my first essay for the year last week. Yes, that hurdle has been jumped, only … a lot more to go. I’m fairly certain it sucked, but eh. I’m glad I got it in on time.

The only other exciting thing that happened to me this week was that I managed to answer a question during one of my lectures. Okay yes, it was the wrong answer and I sounded like Marlon Brando from the Godfather, but it was so exhilirating, I was trembling once the lecture had finished. And I reckon it’s probably better to be more vocal, that way your professors might recognise you more easily. But it’s probably a better idea to do it in tutes rather than lectures. Which is what I’ve been doing as well! It certainly helps you out of any shells of insecurity you may be experiencing.

Speaking of getting out of shells, I did make friends with some of the people in my tutes. At least, I think we’re friends. We could just be assignment buddies. Though I did meet a very nice second year on the bus who struck up a conversation. So maybe I have a chance after all. I just wish, as I’m sure a lot of other people do, to find a crazy group of people to study with and have adventures with and save the world (or at least the university) with… I think I’ve been watching too much Community. Again.

Well anyway, Easter break is coming up, and I have two assignments to keep me occupied. Yay. At least I will have more time for sleep. And at least I will be able to catch up with some of my friends. But what I’m worried about (and what I think what will most likely happen) is that I will get distracted by the internet, like I always do. Oh well, just as long as I get my work up to the best level of mediocrity, I’ll be fine. Maybe I should try one of those website blocker things? Hmmm…

So, any advice on mistakes made during the last couple of weeks? Yeah, try and get some sleep! Don’t do what I do and stay up all night watching Stephen King mini-series’ because you’re worried about work. The payoff isn’t worth it, also you get very tired and start seeing things! Like Brad Pitt driving a sports car on Bell Street… Yes, there is a possibility that I am insane. And it’s probably due to lack of sleep.

Apart from that, make sure you leave the house with your lunch. As nice as it is, campus food is expensive! I’m saying these things more to myself than anyone else. Maybe if it’s on the internet, I’ll actually listen to my advice. I think that’s about it from me. My cat is looking at my computer longingly (I think she wants to go to sleep on it), so I must be off. Happy Easter everyone!

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