Essays. Ugh.

Is anyone else utterly thrown by this Turnitin stuff for handing in essays and such? I mean, honestly, I understand its good in many respects but it also has so many rules and conditions and like itunes, I don’t really read them (probably to my own detriment!). I suppose I just miss the high-school days where I’d just print out something and hand it up to the teacher and forget about it after that. Not so much like that here, eh?tumblr_md1ip3q0zk1qh5kpl

But even before the whole Turnitin business just trying to wrap my head around how different writing the essays was a whole new task of its own! Believe it or not, I hadn’t even heard of Harvard or Oxford referencing! (Actually, why is that hard to believe? I can’t be the only one right?)


On another note; have anyone’s subject tutor’s mentioned mid-terms? I swear, I was having a perfectly pleasant lesson before my tutor mentioned that subject!  So basically I just sat there in the classroom frozen with dread wondering ‘why, for all the love that is holy do we have exams in the middle of the year?!’ I (unlike some people) have never had a mid-term exam, and whilst I do know my stuff I do horribly under pressure and make the sort of stupid mistakes which when looked back upon, want to make you tear out your hair and just lie on the floor along with your hopes and dreams.tumblr_lkv1295SbR1qd4ymx

(I’m being a tad dramatic, but you get the gist)

I’m sorry that this became more of a rant than anything, so if you don’t mind me I’ll just retreat into this corner here and cry over my Japanese grammar workbook. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll give myself a paper cut so drastic I’ll be hospitalized for epic blood loss and miss the entire thing?

Do tell me, anyone else doing a mid-term going to be looking for the nearest window? I think I feel better that I cannot possibly be the only one feeling like this! Let’s support each other, yeah?


By the way, if you hadn’t already noticed by now I ADORE gifs. Beware, for I use them constantly (and try to act them out in real life).

Just sayin’.

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