Study abroad – The experience of a lifetime

study abroadThis is simply an encouragement for all of you who could be interested in studying overseas during your degree! From one international student to another. Even though it might seem distant in regards to your university plans it’s a good idea to start planning your semester abroad early.

To all of you who have a dream. A dream of exploring new parts of the world while studying – this is your chance. The benefits of exchange studies or study abroad are many. To name a few, you’ll expand your international network, experience new cultures, get the opportunity to travel and see the world, and maybe even learn how to order a beer in another language.

012771667-tumblr_mh6d6nDLrR1qe0eclo1_r6_500It might sound a bit overwhelming if you are use to having mum and dad around every day. Who knows? Maybe cutting the umbilical cord would turn out to be a healthy solution for both you and your parents.

Study abroad is the perfect opportunity to combine part of your degree with an experience of a lifetime. Plus it looks good on your resume. You will most certainly learn a lot more and experience things you will never experience if you do your whole degree at home. I cannot recommend it enough times – Just GO!

Planning ahead allows you time to research where you want go, if you want to go alone or if you have to drag one of your fellow students along with you. You should come around to the Exchange Fair today here at La Trobe or if you miss out, you can read more about your opportunities here.

Unfortunately, an exchange or study abroad semester isn’t free. But you can apply for scholarships from your university or other companies, which you can read more about here.

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