Dial H for Help

You may have been pointed out some useful services on campus, but in the information overload that was O-Week forgotten all of them by now. This blog serves as a little reminder to some key services you may need now or later…

Well, first I can help you help yourself find them by letting your fingers do the walking (as they used to say on old Yellow Pages ads). Yes get yourself on to the Current Students page and scroll down to the grey box called ‘Campus Specific Resources’. Select your campus (Bundoora is the automatic one on show) and voila! There are all your services.

Now, I’d like to draw your attention to the one called ‘Counselling‘ under Student Support. Did you know that the Counselling Service provides a wide array of services to students? Not only are there one-on-one counselling opportunities but Live Well tips on getting the balance right and Group workshops in Meditation and Relaxation, Stressing Less, Coping with Exams, as well as Queer Support. There are also Peer Support programs to help students with mental illness, and Queer Programs to help students with any struggles they may be going through. Whether you need a listening ear now or later, remember to check them out online, or visit them upstairs in Peribolos East.

The Equity and Diversity Centre is another great service available to students who may need some extra help on campus. Students with a disability can get access to services like support, equipment and materials as well changes necessary to adapt assessments, including special considerations. Students of a refugee background are also eligible for extra help, such as support officers and tutors, access to equipment like laptops, and financial aids like textbook gift cards. There are financial services available to anyone who is going through difficulties, getting help with scholarships, concessions and bill relief. There is also an ALLY network to ensure Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Intersex and Queer students have support separate from the counsellors above that they can approach for information and support. La Trobe has a zero tolerance attitude toward exclusion and discrimination on the grounds of sexuality or gender identity. Rock the Rainbow!

The Equity and Diversity Centre also is the place to go if you experience any harassment or discrimination on campus. In fact, they have a really cool video to help give students and staff alike a guide to what’s appropriate and not in terms of social media. Check it out here:




That’s all for today folks! See you next week! – Bec.

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