Hooray for average-ness!

I got back some of my assignments last week, and it is good to know that I now have proof that I am slightly above average! I’m so pleased with this revelation, I feel a gif coming on!

regret nothing2

Right, my gifs are refusing work. Of course.

Yes week 5 was definitely fun, what with 2 assignments to hand in, and volunteering to babysit 20 teenagers at a high school sleepover. I don’t know, sometimes I just like to torture myself. But all in all, I think I did fairly well. Not brilliantly, but I’m not really here to be brilliant, I’m here to learn. If my parents aren’t pleased, well, they’ll live.

However, even though I do seem to be doing alright, I don’t think I am ever going to be able to finish all my reading for every subject. I hardly get it finished for one subject, and even then I just skim over it. Or ‘read’ it while watching some new pointless movie (Romero marathon this week!) without taking much in. So, please don’t follow my example, and at least try to retain some of what you read!

These last 2 weeks have also introduced me to the wonderful experience of group assignments, which is even more awkward when you don’t know anyone in the group, and none of you want to be the leader, so then you just end up doing the first idea that comes to mind because you feel if you object too much the people you’re working with are going to get really annoyed. And then when you’ve done your work and you have nothing else to do, and you just sit there, in agonising silence, until someone asks a question that leads to a stilted answer and then more silence… But in the end, I did make friends! I think.

It’s a bit hard to know if the people you work with on these assignments can be considered actual friends or not. But if the worst comes to the worst, at least I’ll maybe have someone to sit next to in tutes.

Apart from that, what else has happened. Not much, and yet too much. At the same time. What I mean to say is that even though the workload for this week isn’t too bad, things are starting to heap up for following weeks. I have another assignment due next week, and another one the week after that. I have a mid-term coming up, and a massive research assignment (that I haven’t started, not really. And the panic is really starting to rise with that one).

I suppose I just have to take it one day at a time, and try to do as much as I can without getting distracted. I don’t really have an ending to this, so I’ll just say goodbye and good luck! Till next time!

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