drunk people. and lots of em.

I had my first s’more this week! No, the picture above is not of the s’more I had; it’s just borrowed from tumblr because I forgot to take a photo of it. S’mores are this American treat, where you get a toasted marshmallow and place it between two biscuits and a piece of chocolate. Amaaazing.
The end of week 6 brought with it a lot of stress, but the thing that I most anticipated was POSS Camp.

The Prosthetics and Orthotics Students Society organised a weekend away, and I wasn’t really too sure of what I thought at first…. But being on the committee, I couldn’t exactly say no.
So instead, my fellow P&O friends were littered with spam wall posts on Facebook, most along the lines of:
By me, of course.
To be honest, I’m pretty sure my parents were fully aware of how notorious uni camps are, but of course,
it’s only as crazy as you make it. 😉
I don’t drink, so camp for me meant innocently roasting marshmallows, barbecue lunch and walking along the beach that was conveniently practically in the backyard of the accommodation. 🙂 And no, no one attempted to peer pressure me to drink. But I think I was lucky because I had a group of 6 other non-drinking friends.
The assessment load is unfortunately so high that I’ve stopped keeping track.
Yup, what not to do in first year. That’s my story.
I’m actually very glad I went to camp, because now I know people in my course so much better, including perhaps things they’re ashamed of as well. 😉
SO yeah. Camps: 10/10. The smaller, the better probably, because our camp didn’t go wild.
When I was in high school, I wanted to end up at Melbourne Uni just because of the balls they have.
*University balls… as in formals. Jeez.
Then I came here and realised that you don’t have to go to the uni to be a part of their balls!
So I went to a Melbourne Uni Ball this week as well… yup, it was a week of pretending to be a sociable person. x) Don’t know how well I succeeded with that.
Similar to the the camp, a lot of drunk people. Actually much more drunk people.
Drunk people are a funny species, really.
This morning I had a 2 hour workshop, which I’m completely lost on. The physiology of the heart.
It’s actually interesting content, and I can’t wait till I know what I’m doing. But well, here’s the expectation atm:
But at the moment, I’m so lost.
The only place I can really study is the La Trobe library, which I use religiously. I even come to the library on Saturdays, after work.
Sorry this wasn’t a quirky or funny entry. Those usually come out when I’m procrastinating more heavily than I am now.
Let’s be honest; last week:
Productivity: 0.
Social life: 9
What has become of me? D: I’m very much a nerd at heart, this week I’ll be heavily compensating for my serious lack of study.
A wise 18 year old man once gave me an amazing piece of advice: there’s no use worrying about studying when you’re not studying or anticipating social life when you are studying. Instead, you need to divert all your energy to the single task that you are completely, almost in a meditative way.
Anyways, that is my study tip for today. I’m currently sitting at the La Trobe library, dodgily writing this entry when my friend next to me is deep into the essay that’s due this week.
Study hard, party hard, chaps!

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