Gluten Free & …

I made the BEST gluten free brownies the other day.
This will tell you how to do the same.
Except I put them in a cupcake tray. Hence, reduced the cooking time.
And I used Gluten Free Flour instead of that random Sorghum Flour, which I could not find anywhere…

This is how I usually am in the kitchen:
So I’m quite pleased with my successful brownies. Yeeey!

I also completed a 2000 word essay,
and chopped a decent amount of my hair off.
I feel so invigorated ._.

124719  <- If you recognise this, you’re one of the following:

1. A total nerd
2. An English student
3. Someone with too much time on their hands
4. A librarian
5. Margaret Atwood
6. Struggling to finish the longest book in the world
7. Enjoying struggling to finish the longest book in the world
8. God

Tip #4: Reading English books over the holidays, (if you decide to embrace your inner nerd and choose to study such a subject, like myself), is probably a good idea.

*  *  *

Placement Update:
So, I completed my practical placement just the other week in a grade 6 class at a primary school.

And absolutely loved it.

I came to realise that teaching is definitely for me.
I truly enjoyed coming into school every morning to be greeted by the friendly staff and wonderful students.
Maybe it was just that school, but the whole experience was so rewarding.
I can honestly say that I miss the class, the students, the whole aspect of being within a  teaching environment, and can’t wait to get into my teaching profession.

I know I will be the best teacher.

*  *  *

I love how everything is slowly falling into place.

– My study routine – cramming
– My sleeping pattern – it’s currently 1:51am. I have a 9 hour shift ahead of me…
– Knowing exactly when to top up my Myki
– Knowing exactly when to catch my bus
– Getting to classes on time
– Getting the hang of citing and referencing

It’s fair to say I like the way things are panning out :’)
Do you? 😉

Keep on keeping on
x x x

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free & …

    • torileep says:

      Ohwow! I don’t think I could do secondary; not the year nines. There’s just something about them.. haha. Hope it goes well!
      And yes, you should definitely try them out! They are amaze<3

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