Work? I didn’t sign up for this!

Well, yeah, I did. But whoever told us that after year 12 and VCE, University would be a piece of cake needs a strong, swift slap to their face.


Probably like many students, essays that I had previously finished are slowly but surely making their way back to me and after playing the ‘I’m going to read the essay and not look at the mark’ game, I finally gave in and realised that I was a little better than average. A little better. But still painfully average.


On a similar note, I’m currently drowning in a sea of drafts for upcoming assignments and essays and what-not and I honestly don’t feel motivated enough to even open up a word document for them. It’s that bad. (And I’m just that lazy.)

No, really. You have no idea what I get up to when I’m unmotivated and bored as all hell from looking at work all extended weekend. Forget being distracted by the internet, it’s come to the point that even having a pen in my hand is leeway enough to procrastinate like a pro. Take this for example;


I would rather work for a convention which is in OCTOBER than study and complete my work that’s due NEXT WEEK. (also, yes, I do own his sword. I own many swords in fact.)

But I reckon I make a pretty good Kili from the neck up. Don’t you think? And for anyone that has no clue about the hobbit or what I’m doing above, I literally used a black ballpoint to capture Aidan Turner’s likeness. Eyebrows included. And styled an old wig. And used a ton of make-up to couture my face to look more ‘manly’.  All of this, instead of sitting down to look at my kanji, or read some philosophy chapters from my philosophy gym. Seriously.

So I believe the message I’m trying to get across this week is; PLEASE DON’T BE LIKE ME. DON’T PROCRASTINATE. WORK NOW, HAVE FUN LATER.

Ok, yeah that’s pretty much all I wanted to say this week. Can anyone else procrastinate as well as I can? Please leave a reply below and we can wallow in despair about how damn awesome we are!


2 thoughts on “Work? I didn’t sign up for this!

  1. chelseacondie says:

    i know exactly what your talking about!
    i find myself staring into space for half an hour rather than actually opening up my work haha

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