GO AWAY Assignments..

Go AwayI don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel the exams-pressure already. How can it still sneak up on me like this? I’m at the end of my studies, so you should think that I would be better at planning my time by now. Apparently not! It is even harder being here in Australia, where everything is so much more interesting than back home. Procrastination is a bi*@h.!!

As an international student there is more to it than crazy road-trips, being hung-over and geeky theme parties at uni. I know it’s “just” week 9 but my second assignment is already due in next week and then I have completed 70% of that subject. Meaning that the next couple of weeks is going to be less fun and more discipline.

Or as I was taught at my Aussie slang lecture: I’m snowed under mate!

snowed under

Luckily the winter is upon us, which makes it easier to spend more time inside anyway. As a Danish girl I am used to the cold weather and thereby used to finding alternative indoor activities.

I want to share some of my tips on how I manage to stay sane during exams-period:

  1. I allow myself to be social and don’t stress about waking up at 7am every morning. Figure out what time a day you work best and schedule your sleep for this.
  2. I make sure I do at least one active outdoor thing every day (whether it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours) even if it’s raining or cold. This will give you so much energy.
    •          Go for a run
    •          Go to the gym
    •          Go for a walk (without your phone)
  3. Food is your friend. I always think of the money I coffeesave on boozing it during exams-period and use the extra cash to stock my fridge with something that can help boost my body instead. A juice maker is the best!
  4. Coffee is good but so is sleep. See if you can get at least 6 hours a day.
  5. Spend 15-20 minutes exclusively on the assignment. I close all my tabs and allow 20 minutes where I don’t focus on anything else but the assignment. Often this will get me going again.

If you have had problems with finding a good study area on campus I’m sure it will only get worse for the next two months. I found that Donald Whitehead Building (ground floor) is a good alternative to the library and not many students use it.

Last but not least I want to recommend you all to download the Lost On Campus app if you haven’t done it already. It’s not just a campus map. You can exchange your books, look for internships and you can read and write recommendations/comments on cafes, shops etc. Remember sharing is caring!

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