The end is nigh…

Well, it seems that somehow we passed the Semester one half-way mark. I think this calls for a visit to Eagle Bar, preferably on a Thursday because parmigiana. Also wine.

I’ve submitted four major-ish assignments, individual and group, and I have to say, I’m pretty damn chuffed with my marks so far. It feels like a good time to review my methods so far, to see what I can be doing better, recognize what I am doing right, and consider where I might be tripping up.

Annoyingly, I got sick with a cold two weeks into semester, and had a family crisis to deal with just last week – neither is conducive to full and complete attendance, however I was more disappointed with myself for not being able to attend team meetings and the like than for missing several lectures.  It’s far easier to catch up on missed lectures than a meeting, and I’ve yet to be grilled about my absence by a lecturer.

Nonetheless, I’m not feeling sorry for myself or trying to make excuses, just aiming to do better next time. This is part of learning, I suppose. I can do better, uncontrollable situations permitting, and I know that I can be a proper asset to my teams.

Today’s post is a short one, I’ve an assignment to finish, and friends and family to feed a roast lunch to.

I hope you’re feeling more upbeat and optimistic than overwhelmed at this point. If things are getting on top of you in a way that makes you feel awful for much of the day, most days, it might be a good idea to seek out a friendly, experienced ear, even the folks at the counseling service.

Also, go see Iron Man 3 when you finish that assignment.

P.S If you’re going to a lecture but end up talking the whole way through, maybe just don’t come? Or leave? Or else. Seriously, hush.

Xo Han

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