Fit but lazy!

My week 9 focus: fitness.

My twelve-year-old sister has advised me quite wisely that I’d be a lot fitter if I did “50 situps and pushups every night”.
I snorted. “Psssh, is that what you do, sister?”
I was a little shocked.
Here I am, investigating gym memberships as adults do, trying to get paying money to an institution to motivate me to exercise regularly,
while my own sister does it so easily in her own bedroom.
She’s fitter than I am. o.O


But I did go and check out the La Trobe gym anyway.
I’d never been to a gym before, so it was interesting to see those gym stereotypes that youtube talks about. 😀
I didn’t go alone, coz I don’t have that much confidence in my petite-but-apparently-built ballet body.
I recommend taking a friend first time to the gym. Preferably someone who knows how the metal contraptions work.
Of course, me, being there only for core strength and some flexibility, spent most of the time rolling around on the floor in semi-awkward fashion, attempting to do variations of this:
It’s cool though, because the gym seems to be accepting of anyone, regardless of animals they’re impersonating. 😉


Other than that, I’ve gotten some assessments back. Weirdly for my lack of focus, my marks have all been A’s.
Yayy. 🙂
I’m sure that will change once I get my individual assignments back though. :$


Other news:
– Simpson Lawn has become my favourite place to chill and read a book.
– There is a first year ball! But I’m too broke. ;( Hopefully one of the other bloggers will attend it though.
– I still don’t really know how to reference… o.O
– Mother’s day weekend! Hope you’re all planning to spoil your mothers. 😀
– I’m excited to borrow a proper book.. like a fictitious one, not a prescribed textbook.. to read next week! 😀


Funny moment of the last two weeks:
I was in the corridor, going from one class to the next in the health sciences building and dashed into the toilet.
Just as I got to the sinks, a BOY comes out to wash his hands.
I kind of sniggered in my head and was about to tell him he was in the wrong one,
but he spoke first.
“This is the boys’ toilet.”
Most embarrassing.
More embarrassingly, when I came out of the toilet, the rest of my year had gone and some third/second years were waiting for their class.
A girl sees me coming out of the toilet and yells,
“She just came out of the boys’ toilet!”
I couldn’t really do anything but grin and run away haha. xD

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