I don’t know how penguins do it

How do they manage to regurgitate their food so often?
It seems horrid.
And then, the baby penguins, forced to eat this vomit like substance.
I don’t think I’d ever understand.
Nor would I truly wish to.

Why did I feel the need to bring up such a topic?
Well, I am currently stuck in bed.
And have been for the past… almost 48 hours.
After waking up mid-morning, feeling astoundingly nauseous.
Resulting in my own regurgitation process throughout the day.
Which really hurts my chest and my whole body in general actually…

(I’m writing this on Thursday the 9th of May, mainly because I can’t really move and my brain can’t function properly enough to complete anything else).

Lovely, I know.

Tip #5: Try not to burn yourself out.
I think that’s what has contributed to my sudden illness.

Due to this gross sickness, I’ve been forced to take time off uni & work.
I felt weird… missing tutes and losing money because I was sick. It hadn’t happened this year yet. It made me feel lazy and useless and just ew.

On the plus side, this gorg human, who just happens to be my boyfriend, sent me cute flowers.


And I got an A on my English essay. Hooray!

Tip #6: Choose to study something you enjoy.
It’s inevitable that the more you like something, the better you’ll do.
Yes, I’m studying Education, but I lovelovelove my English discipline subject.
Even if the workload can become quite strenuous at times, I know that I’ll get the workload done because:
a) I don’t want to fail, (obviously)
b) I enjoy what I’m studying

Oh, and also, don’t let the grades you get at high school determine what you should study at uni. Throughout all of year 12 my English teacher provided me with a C grade average. I feel like emailing her, “In your face!” But hey, maybe if she didn’t push me to keep striving for better I wouldn’t appreciate the subject as much as I do now 🙂

On the other hand, I definitely need to contribute more time towards my Education subjects… But I have 3.5 more years for that.

*  *  *

As you’re probably more than aware by now, I’m really quite unwell.
And super tired, (haha, it’s lunch time).
So I’m going to snooze.

Hope you’re all doing well & staying healthy!!

Any good movie suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I’m a bit of a chick flick kind of gal…Yes, embarrassing -.-

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