So they weren’t kidding…

Uni students are broke, all the time. Or at least I am. I have two part-time jobs but yet can’t afford to by myself lunch.

Amen sister.

Amen sister

But there is a bright side to this; I finally understand “the value of the dollar” like my parents always preach. I’ve also found some good money-saving techniques at uni, especially when it comes to lunch. For instance, did you know that in the student union lounge they have microwaves? Aldi frozen dinners for lunch? I think so.

Another technique, (which is probably not condonable) is the cheeky-myki-swipe-and-walk on buses. Bus drivers honestly don’t care. I’ve lasted weeks on -57 cents. The key is don’t look around, just keep walking to the back. Warning: do not use the cheeky-myki-swipe method on trams or trains. Ticket inspectors are ruthless. I got a $207 fine because I didn’t have a concession card, so I would hate to see what they do to a fair evader 😦

This suggestion is not uni related but everybody needs to have some time out, so I give you; tight-ass Tuesday at the movies, where any movie at Northland or Greensborough Hoyts is $10. Skip the candy bar and head over to K-mart and pick up some $1 lolly bags. Soooo much more value for money.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I will keep you posted on these inner-uni money saving techniques as I discover them. Feel free to comment any ideas or suggestions!

Chels x0x0

One thought on “So they weren’t kidding…

  1. sarapats says:

    I have NQR sushi for lunch today. 😀 it’s like $3 for 6 rolls and it comes semi-frozen or something, so i bring a few in a packet and heat them at the microwaves. xD
    I also tend to bring most of my food from home. When I do forget food, I set myself a challenge to buy lunch for under $3 LOL! Usually it’s like a safeway banana, a sesame snap and a pear. 😀 It doesn’t tick all the food groups but it’s something!

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