Study Cheat Sheet! (You’re Welcome)

What rambles shall I engage you all in this week? Come along kiddies, sit cross-legged at my feet while I waffle on to you about anything and everything that I can think of which has happened in the past week or so.


I’ve discovered that sometimes, I just don’t like attending lectures. Especially since I now know which ones are sure to be engaging and which I would most likely stab myself in the eye with the pencil that was propping up my dozing head. Because let’s face it, some lectures are just so damn boring and all you can do is envisage what it’d be like to wrap yourselves up in your snuggie, or whatever the hell you people wear, with a warm drink in your hand watching reruns of Friends or just sitting alone in your room laughing at cute baby sloth videos on youtube for the rest of the day.

original (1)

And trust me, as good as this sounds, you have to nip it in the bud! I’ve found that the more lectures I miss the harder it is for me to go back and catch up. And then half the time I’m in tutorials thinking: ‘Whaaaaaa-? When did I learn this? Oh, right. I didn’t. But I did watch the 10 hour version of “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard”. That was magical.’ So, yeah. Lesson: Don’t skip out on too many lectures! One or two is fine but don’t make a habit of it!



(This video is a fabulous waste of time ^)

Well it seems my problem of procrastination has become slightly better in the past fortnight. You don’t believe me? Hahaha! Well you have a good right to, but seriously, I’ve struck upon a great technique that helps me amazingly get my assignments done on time. It’s simple, I trick myself. When I know that I have an essay due in, let’s say, a week and a half, I simply tell myself that the paper is due in only a week and I work to that deadline! Trust me, it’s a really good kick in the right direction if you struggle like I do (and my God do I struggle).

But as for studying, the game I play which involves me staying up until all hours of the morning hasn’t changed and won’t for a while I suspect. However, it might interest you to read this study cheat sheet I chanced upon, especially since we’re all going to have to sit exams at one point or another.


And as I said with the lectures, don’t make a habit of this cheat sheet either!

Well that’s all from me folks!

*backflips out of window*

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