Curse the siren song of live Mexican wrestling …

…and salsa dancing with nice-smelling strangers.

Is it…could it really be…almost…no. No way. What week is it? It’s almost exam time? Wow, okay.

I didn’t think time could actually pass any faster than it did for the beginning of this semester. I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

I’m writing this on May 17, which happens to be International Day Against Homophobia (& Biphobia) & Transphobia (IDAHOT). This is a great thing. I cried a single rainbow tear of pride today upon seeing a photo from my old high school – a group of students ran a cupcake stand in celebration of today. Rock on, Reservoir High.

My contribution: i’d like to share the following with you. This is a video of an excellent talk given at Latrobe a few weeks ago about tackling homophobia in schools.

I have a little confession to make, re: an assignment for Interprofessional Practice (shout-out to m’colleagues studying under the Health Sciences umbrella-ella-ella).

The assignment: a 1,200 word essay. Due date: May 6. Yeah…that didn’t happen. I have no reasonable excuse, and didn’t request an extension. I’ll lose marks for submitting it late, but I’m glad I’ll receive a grade for it – I made the final deadline by the skin of my teeth, and it was scary and horrible. I didn’t give myself enough time to research thoroughly, and this had a knock-on effect for every aspect of the writing process that followed. No more sweaty-fear no-sleep time for me.

Procrastination isn’t usually a major problem for me, I think for this particular assignment I just really underestimated the time I needed to prepare and ‘perfect’ it. So, something that might help me a bit (I’ll let you know) is a cool thing I learned about a couple of days ago – the Pomodoro technique.

My new BFF *easter egg* click through

As I’m writing, an adorable little kitchen timer shaped like a nested matryoshka doll is ticking gently away.

Here’s the home of the fabulous Pomodoro technique,

The aim for me is to focus completely on a task for a set amount of time – 25 minutes/1 pomodoro. When that little doll rings, I’ll take a five or ten minute break, maybe do a stretch  or dance around or have a quick ciggie (yes, yes, I know).
that's better

After that break, I’ll rewind my dolly round to 25 minutes, and for the duration of that pomodoro, I’ll edit this and hunt around for appropriately demonstrative gifs, pictures and links.

I’ll let you know how this technique goes for me – I gotta say, it already feel as though I’m five times more productive. The timer’s down to 8 minutes now, and in my pre-Pomodoro life, I would have checked my emails and facebook at least once by now, gone hunting in the fridge for non-existent treats, and maybe scrolled through tumblr a bit.

Settling into group-work has been challenging, but actually rewarding and fun, for the most part. I like the opportunity to become more diplomatic, to learn to pick my battles and learn from others. I really enjoy explaining a concept or an opinion if my meaning is not initially super clear – it comes in handy for essay writing and note taking, actually, being able to paraphrase yourself and construct appropriate analogies.

In other news, Iron Man 3 was good fun, also it’s been about ten years since I heard the song that opens it

Star Trek: Into Darkness was worthy of the ticket price (Pro-tip: you get a free ticket when you join or renew a Hoyts membership for $10), if only to see Benedict Cumberbatch cry on cue. It’s pretty much my favourite thing to see. Sorry, not sorry.

Well! Time’s up for today, kiddies, but stay tuned for more nail-biting, hair-raising action. I’m off to eat an apple and dance like it’s 1999.

XO Han

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