The most wonderful time of the year

Does anyone else ever get a really good mark and then think that there’s no way they could’ve gotten it because they were that smart, and it must be a misprint or something? Or is it just my incredibly low self-esteem. Probably the latter. But yes, amazingly I got a fairly excellent mark on my only mid-term exam for archaeology. Almost too execellent…But knowing me, I’ll end up failing at something else, like that major History essay that’s due on Monday that’s worth 50% of the overall grade and which I’ve given up on because I doubt it’s going to get any better… Hopefully, I’ll get a 75%, but it’ll more likely be 60%, or 50%.

And the main reason for that is cause it’s due right after the biggest weekend of the year for me! That’s right, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be watching the biggest song competition in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest! I know we’re meant to write about our uni lives, but the thing is Eurovision is my life, sad as that may sound.

If I had a religion, it would be Eurovision, and for the past six months in particular, I have been looking up past entries and impatiently waiting for this weekend to arrive. Of course, this means that the chances of me actually doing any work this weekend is incredibly unlikely, also because this is the first year I’ll be hosting my very own Eurovision party of Grand Final Night this Sunday. But I will try. Maybe. And since I know it’s not for everyone, I’m going to just finish this section by saying that I hope Finland gets top ten, but I think Romania will come second and Denmark will win.

Well, anyway, all the final assignments are being handed out, and exams are being hinted at. I’ve got a couple more of each before I’m finished for this semester. Which means that I’ll be very busy after this weekend. And my motivation is slipping more and more, and if that wasn’t enough it’s my 20th birthday next week. Oh God, that’s a big number. It’s a scary thought to be leaving adolescence for good. I hope I don’t start acting like a proper grown up though. That would be too much effort.

Sorry this hasn’t really been about uni, but nothing much has happened these past two weeks anyway, apart from the stress building up inside my brain. I hope everyone else is getting everything finished on time, and I hope that there is at least one other person out there who is looking forward to Eurovision as much as I am. That’s it from me, but have a picture of Mr Lordi as a reward for listening to me blather on so much! Til next time!

mr lordi

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