sara pats’ last words?

I wanted my last blog entry to have a happy ending; where I pull my act together, study like there is no tomorrow and ace my first semester exams, resolving to start studying earlier next semester and do even better.
But no,
Here I am.
Week 11 has been drawn to a close and I’m still in ‘holiday mode’.
I guess the thing is, (this next claim is ENTIRELY dependent on what course you choose!!)
The one thing i can assure VCE students of is that university is nothing like school,
In the fact that stress is only exactly where the stress should be placed –
Not seeping through to every inch of your life, even past your academic life and into your social life and sanity almost.
That was my melodramatic experience of year 12.
Fortunately, uni is only panic-zone when it needs to be.
Saying all this, I’m assuming that if you are reading this blog, you probably do have a genuine interest in striving for excellence.
Of course that is not to say that the pressure will not heighten in the last 2 weeks of semester.
I don’t even know what I’m up against in terms of uni exam difficulty,
But anything without a study design should be straight-forward.
I’m probably being overly optimistic.
On a serious note, if you fail a subject in uni, you have to repeat it the following year, but you can not go on to do the next semester of that subject either.
So you will always be a year behind your peers in that subject. Scary stuff!!!
Well, that is how it is at La Trobe, anyway. Some unis luckily offer summer school.
That thought makes me want to devote my entire self to study and cram like there is no tomorrow for the exams.
This week has been a little stressful at times, but only because I have this slack first-year rebellious attitude of ‘let us live jauntily and do things last minute’.
*whoever ‘us’ is… Probably me and my peter-pan soul.
That will not last me very long next semester, so I plan to be pulling my socks up.
Speaking of socks, I have just about no socks these days when Mum forgets to do the washing. (I know, i should be doing my own washing. But she won’t teach me how to use the washing machine… Probably scared i’ll waste washing powder and the nice-smelling stuff that makes your clothes soft.)
Friday, I wore legwarmers to uni over my mismatched one-pink-short one-black-and-white-anklet pair of socks I’d fished out of my drawer in a hurry that morning. The legwarmers, that were pink and purple horizontally striped received a lot of attention for being ‘pretty long socks’. Not sure if ‘pretty, long socks’ or ‘pretty long socks’ actually…
I have started to read ‘Shirley’ by Charlotte Bronte. By started, I mean the critical introduction, written by some old woman with too much time on her hands and the first 3 sentences of the first chapters. I’m intrigued to critically read it myself, so I can critique the harsh critique of the epilogue-writer.
So I guess these are my last words on this blog, possibly.
And here I am, babbling on about washing machines and classics.
Advice for first semester of uni:
Make friends!
Go to events 🙂
Join clubs
Study when you have to.
Read a few books.
Read a few portions of your textbook.
Get a job. First year ain’t that intense and you do need to pay off your expensive temporary social life somehow. Uni balls are expensive!!!
But most importantly, you are there to learn so remember that you will pay for your lack of learning if you keep a similar approach in second, third and fourth year.
Signed off by the slackest person on this blog, I’m pretty sure. 🙂

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