The End Is Nigh

Ladies and Jelly spoons, I come before you to stand behind you to tell you something of which I know nothing about” (I couldn’t find the version I wanted online:( ). This is what writing for this blog felt like but, nevertheless, I wouldn’t take it back in a second. In a way, blogging and discussing my first semester at uni helped me cope and hopefully, it helped you cope too.

I wanted my last post to be an impressive one, so I saved the best for last. Please allow me to apologise in advance for the geek-out that you about to see. But the day I found this was amazing, it made my day. Nay, my week! It is the first and only time I have grafitied something and I did so because I didn’t think it was vandalism, more like the mutual recognition for something legendary in an unsuspecting place.

So, without further ado, I give you… THE HARRY POTTER WALL! *Pause for gasping*
Location: Girls Agora toilets, next to the library, the last stall (sorry boyz).



Okay, so I guess it wasn’t that exciting. But give it a visit, have a read and a giggle, and if you’re a fan add your contribution.

Hmm what else is new for me at La Trobe?

Well…I have recently discovered La Trobe Stalker Space… a Facebook group dedicated to La Trobe students stalking other La Trobe students. For example: “To the cute guy who stood next to me in that place I was today, you’re cute. Coffee?” It features other things as well, such as notifying others of ticket inspectors in certain car parks, or heated discussions about current events. Whatever your fancy, SS is likely to cover it.

As for me, I’m still in the running to be ‘most unmotivated student of the year’, especially since I’ve recently re-discovered The Simpsons Hit and Run, the kids version of Grand Theft Auto and the most addictive game ever!

Well that’s it everyone, my last post ever! Keep in touch by following me on Twitter.

X0xoX0 Chels

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