Voldemort and I

Ugh! It’s nearly over! Just a little bit more and then we’re done (and have to repeat the dismal circle repetitively over the course of our entire schooling. Hooray?)

I just really, REALLY want to get my assessments and exams out of the way. Or not do them at all. Yes, the latter would suffice nicely.


Diverting from the previous topic to an even more depressing one as I think this was touched upon earlier last week, but MONEY. How does one acquire copious amounts of this object, preferably in a legal fashion (or not, I’m getting pretty darn desperate)?


There are literally no jobs going in my area or surrounding (or if there are a handful they all require at least 2 years’ experience in the field! I’m only 18!?!), and I absolutely abhor the feeling of watching my savings drip away piece by piece.



Surely there have to be some jobs out there for us? Or are the companies just going to keep cutting positions here and leave us in the lurch?

Okay. Enough ranting.

On an infinitely lighter point, I’ve discovered yet another fantastic television series via procrastination. I always find the best things on the internet when I’m trying to focus on my work, last week it was a khuzdul dictionary, this week it was Game of Thrones. One word. ‘ASDFghjKLKAHUHCCQISOL!N’ which basically translates to; ‘WHY HAvE I nOT FOUNd THIS GeM BEFORe AnD WHERE Do I SeLL MY SOUL TO THiS SERIEs?!’


Just joking, I can’t sell my soul. Much like Voldemort’s soul, I’ve ripped it apart an incredible amount of times (only the murdering I’ve done is to my own feelings whenever a series ends, character deaths, etc…) But really, if you’ve got the time, get to the throne.

Tell me, any shows or books you’ve gotten stuck into at the wrong time??

(as you can also tell, my addiction with gifs has not let up in the slightest)

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