Semester 2 here we come!

Hi folks!

Welcome back to uni, or welcome to uni, if you are fresh to uni and this blog. Hope you are as excited as I am to head to campus from this week on!

Since some of our readers are new students this semester, I have decided to repost some of our early 2013 blogs that helped many students as they began at La Trobe earlier this year. I haven’t edited them, so parts of the info will be inaccurate (such as O-Week). What you do need to know is that Orientation Week is rolled into a one day event, this Friday the 26th July, but apart from the evening social events, all the other activities will still be available to you. The rest of the blogs are very relevant regardless of when you start.

So keep an eye out each morning this week for the special posts to help you prepare for every stage of getting ready for uni, including two on Tues and Thu! Just for you! We will then resume our Monday release schedule.

Over semester we will be running an even better blog for you so stay tuned for more details. We will also be seeking new writers so if you are interested keep watching from Thursday for details about how to get involved.

Enjoy your last week study free!!!


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