Mastering Assessments – part 1, writing them

First Year @ La Trobe Blog

At first impression writing an essay or report is no easy feat. So difficult in fact, that they are broken into stages with equal amounts of help out there to master them: research (see the library); planning (see time management); note-taking and writing the draft (see Academic Literacy and Learning); plus further research and editing, then referencing (see library); before finally submitting (see turnitin). Then there’s help if you can’t make deadlines (see Special Consideration). In the lead up to my application for university, I even did a bridging class that revolved around mastering essay writing, section for section.  Before that I couldn’t write an essay at all, early evidence of my first degree indicates I knew nothing more than how to photocopy copious amounts of irrelevant information, killing trees and orang-utans in South-East Asian rainforests as I went.  I lacked any ability to turn…

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