Start Early: Getting Involved at Uni & Career Planning

First Year @ La Trobe Blog

It’s very easy to just meander through three or four years at uni, just studying, working, hanging with your friends, and eating pizza. But what happens when you graduate and you find yourself competing against thousands of others for a job? Your success will ride a lot on the mix of your grades, your extracurricular history, and your previous work experience. Plus your ability to sell yourself – convincing those employers that based on said background, you are the surest bet.

This is where the handy offices of Student Enrichment and Careers can help you out. By getting involved in some of Student Enrichment’s various programs, and speaking with the experts behind the Career Hub, you can feel sure that even as a first year, you are taking the first steps needed – both in semester and through all those winter and summer breaks – to build your foundation base…

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