Rocking your Final Essays and Exams

First Year @ La Trobe Blog

It has been a tough journey for me to master assessments.

During my first time at uni, I constantly missed deadlines, misunderstood the tasks, researched inefficiently and answered assessments incorrectly – if I did them at all. I never dreamed of asking an academic for help. There were pieces missing from the puzzle I can see now. I didn’t have good study habits, or know how to put together assignments properly, and as I sunk further behind I was too busy spinning the web of excuses of why I was missing the next deadline, that no teacher ever got the chance to realise just how bad I was at academia.

No surprise I got to second year and the head coordinator, on finally discovering my case, told me that because I had either not received or learned from the feedback I got in my subjects, I had not learned to…

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