Those Other 6 Months of Uni

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INTERNSHIPS! VOLUNTEERING! TRAVEL!8708348-white-passenger-plane-is-landing-away-in-the-blue-sky

The downhill stretch of semester is upon us and you are probably caught up in a mass of assessments and a backlog of readings to do before your exams. Hard to think past week 13 right now isn’t it? Unless 8 weeks off is your motivation!

With roughly 8 weeks off in winter (even if 4 of those weeks need to go to exams and finishing assessments), and then November through February free in summer, there is up to half a year to fill – for the next three years. 18 months of endless opportunities.

Some of you will be lucky and not have any exams, or maybe just one, some of you maybe unlucky and have four. The ideal situation is none or only early exams in order to free you up with more downtime.

It’s high time I take you through some of the…

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