Your Handy Exam Survival Guide

First Year @ La Trobe Blog

 Exams are about the worst thing a student has to deal with. Other assessments may be long and painful to deal with (especially honours – after living with two students in their honours years, oy, long and painful), but the cramming and memorising required for exams is more akin with ripping off a bandaid. Fast. Makes you want to scream.

The good news is that you will be harder on yourself in the lead up to your first exams than your academics will be. See, the secret is that universities wouldn’t exist without students – so they need you to pass. The main aim of exams is to test your knowledge in a high-pressure situation, so you can build your ability to think on your feet. There will be loads of times in your career where you will need to think fast and exams are a great practice run for…

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