Welcome! Now let’s start marking our calendars.

To both returning and prospective first year students of all campuses, we hope you have had a safe and enjoyable holiday break!

With first round offers recently released – it’s now time that first year students start preparing for the exciting journey that will mark your first year at La Trobe University.

A great way you can start preparing is to begin marking down important dates from the University Academic Calendar for 2014. You’ll find this available here.

An integral part to the beginning of your first year journey is Orientation Week. Although you may just know it as O-Week.

It will run from the 24-28th of February.

Orientation week is a great opportunity to meet other students, partake in fun activities and get to know your way around campus.

A word of advice? Don’t skip out on orientation as it’s a really great way to prepare you for the first week of studies!

You can create your own printable, personalised Orientation week plan here.

Before classes begin on the 1st of March; it’s important to feel as prepared as you can be. Beginning University can be both daunting and exciting, and often you find yourself overwhelmed with information – so knowing where to find helpful advice and guidance is crucial.

Another great resource is La Trobe’s Ready4Uni webpage, where you will find a range of guidance to help you feel confident and prepared. Ready4Uni can be accessed here.

Be sure to keep your eye on this blog over the next year. It will be a welcoming place for first year students to engage with one another, share stories and experiences. You will also find helpful advice, guidance and more!

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