Food, fun and festivities

It’s been a great first few days at orientation, hopefully you’ve enjoyed yourself and had a chance to grab some delicious free food around campus!

If you’ve been wondering about what other students have been thinking/getting up to at this year’s orientation, wonder no more. Here are some thoughts from a few first years about O-Week:

“The information session about my course was really good, and so was the library tour, it was really helpful”.


One international student from Colombia says, ‘I’m using orientation to become familiar with the campus, meet new people, sign up for the soccer team and hopefully purchase a gym membership’. Later in the day, he says, he’s looking forward to playing a game of football with other international students at the international college.

Others have said, signing up for tutorials has been the most difficult aspect of university so far. Two girls explained that, “Orientation has been really good, but working out the timetable was really confusing”, they said it took them one long hour to figure it out. “We’re really stressed about signing up for tutorials, because we really want our selected times, we’ve organised our whole week around them, and have no backup plan”. Fingers crossed they don’t miss out!

Overall, students were in agreement that the free food was one of the best aspects of orientation. They said, “The free food is pretty good, especially the sausages and noodles”.

Not only was the food great, the entertainment at the Sports Festival held at the Simpson Lawn did not disappoint either. There was loads of information about sports groups, with various groups performing, including Zumba dance session which students joined in, energetic cheer leading routine and an extremely intense boxing demonstration.


Today was also a great day for some of the clubs and societies to provide information to new students, and create awareness about all the exciting meetings and events coming up. If you’re interested in finding out more, make sure you come along to the Clubs and Societies Fair from 11am-3pm tomorrow.

What did you get up to during O-Week? We’d love to hear from you. Why not leave a comment and/or share your experiences with us by emailing

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