One week down. Goal for week two? Make friends!

Congratulations are in order to all the first year students who have just completed their first week of University. By now you should be getting an idea of what your course and subjects are all about.

If you’re feeling nervous or even a bit overwhelmed by all the information given to you in first week –   you aren’t alone and there are plenty of ways to seek advice and help.

Your connect mentor is there for you and always ensure you ask questions when you need them.   Be sure to also email your lecturers or tutors if you are feeling unsure about anything class related.

Now, let’s talk about making friends at University.

Many lifelong friendships have been formed at Universities and Colleges around the world. But, how quickly you find yourself meeting new students and friends are often dependent on a variety of circumstances.

If you live on campus, or share a house with students – you’ve probably already become acquainted and familiar with a few people around the University.

You will find that some courses are also more peers interactive than others – so sometimes it’s up to you to make the extra effort to be more social.

Here are a few tips and hints at enhancing your social experience at University.

  • Say Hi! The next time you’re in a lecture or tutorial, introduce yourself to a few people sitting close to you. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly hello to mark the beginning of a friendship. It can be daunting – but you’ve got nothing to lose and only friends to gain!
  • Join clubs and societies.
  • Attend both La Trobe and club/society events. Even if you attend these events alone, chances are high that you will meet other people doing the exact same thing.

For more tips visit:

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