Do you have curve lurve?

You may have seen the Curve Lurve caravan aka ‘Curvey’ around La Trobe during O-Week, and hopefully you grabbed a photo with either the van or the stylish 1950s girls who are apart of the campaign.

The campaign comes from the McGrath Foundation’s education initiative, that strives to increase breast awareness in young Australians, particularly young women.

At 31 Jane McGrath’s breast cancer diagnosis spurred her on to encourage all women to regularly check their breasts for any changes. Becoming ‘breast aware’ means knowing your body and knowing what’s normal for you, giving  you the ability to identify a change in the look and/or feel of your breasts.  It is crucial that if you do notice a change, you see your doctor, because research has shown there is a better chance of survival with early detection.

Curve Lurve campaign girls

Curve Lurve Evas

If you haven’t had the chance to spot the 1950s themed van you should definitely be on the look out for it! Curvey is a unique van that has this incredible ability to transport you to an era which brought a lot of change for women and more importantly celebrated them. The 50s era brought change for ladies by allowing them to have greater control of their lives, it was also a time that promoted women’s issues such as equal pay, economic justice and peace. The ‘Curve Lurve’ girl Eva represents this era, embodying a celebration of life, self awareness and health – a message which carries through to girls today.

The program aims to empower young women to look after their bodies, to take action care of their own health and well-being. The pink van provides lots of activities for people to get involved in. You can have a Curve Lurve nail art session or my personal favourite a hula hoop-off with a mate, for those who like to swing their hips.  If you feel like stretching your legs out you can relax in the bright and colourful deck chairs. The main thing is to have fun, and shine light on a debilitating disease that affects 1 in 8 people.

A good way to get involved with the campaign is to download the free Curve Lurve app, and spread the word through friends and family.

The app has useful information on breast awareness and helps users to ‘lurve’ their curves by encouraging regular breast awareness sessions. Personalising the sessions is a great way to ensure you regularly use the app. You can do this by making a curve lurve pin up girl, adding your choice of music and having the option of taking a step-by-step breast awareness session and setting monthly reminders for regular sessions.

The curvey the caravan will be touring the east coast of Australia, attending major music festivals, community, cultural, university and sporting events. So next time you spot Curvey, say ‘hi’, grab a photo, and spread the word about Curve Lurve.

To find out more about how you can help make a difference, please visit: and/or

Join the Facebook mcgrathfoundation, Twitter @McGrathFdn and/or Instagram mcgrathfoundation and encourage your friends to get on board for a great cause.

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