Assignment madness and daunting deadlines

Feeling overwhelmed with class assignments? Not sure how to get started or don’t understand what to do? Everyone has there own way of approaching assignments but here are some general tips on how to deal with those tough assignments.

Try not to leave your assignments till the last minute, this will most probably cause you unnecessary stress and anxiety, and will leave you feeling like you didn’t do your best. It’s a good idea to break down the assignment into key sections and write a couple of hundred words each day so that you can develop and expand on your ideas over a period of time, and reflect on what ideas work or don’t work. Remember it is okay if what your writing doesn’t make sense at first or seems NQR because you’re just getting started. Start off with a draft, and keep working on it till you’re 100% happy.

Completing assignments can be difficult especially when you have a few due around the same time, that’s why it’s vital to manage your time and spread out the work load. Learn how to develop time management skills at our Time Management section. If you still feel stuck, why not check out The Academic Language & Learning website, here you can find loads of helpful resources to assist you in your studies, and best of all they’re just a click away! Also check out the Library site for advice on referencing and planning your assignments. This is a great resource especially if you’re struggling with getting started on an assignment.

IMPORTANT REMINDER 1: The census date for semester one is 31st MARCH 2014. This date is important because this is when you’re financially liable for all the subjects you’re enrolled in. It is your responsibility to make sure your enrolment is correct. You can view your current enrolment at StudentOnLine. If your enrolment doesn’t reflect what you think it should then contact your Faculty or Student Administration Office ASAP, otherwise this will cause you grief in the future. For more information about census dates head to

IMPORTANT REMINDER 2: We are still recruiting first years to join our exciting First Year @ La Trobe blogger team! Don’t miss out on getting involved in this year’s blogging fun! We are on the prowl for diverse, passionate and enthusiastic students who enjoy writing or even videoing. It doesn’t matter what faculty you’re from or which campus you attend, we want to hear your thoughts, but more accurately, your words! In 300 words or less let us know what excites you about your first year at La Trobe. Alternatively, send us a video of yourself, no longer than 2 minutes, explaining what you find exciting about first year university life at La Trobe. Email your entry along with your name and course to by Tuesday 1 April (that’s this Tuesday people!) We look forward to hearing from you soon! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Happy writing/videoing 🙂

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