A Reminder to be Grateful

I thought my first post should be an attempt to inspire you.

Last week, I was told my friend had lost a long, hard battle to cancer.

Not only was I devastated, but in absolute shock that someone my age had had their life taken away from them so quickly and so easily. This news was beyond hard to deal with and is still a struggle for me to comprehend; but I have been inspired.

Be grateful for what you have. Not only the materialistic things, but the things you may also take for granted. This includes your health, your family, your friends, the opportunity to even be at university, the ability to read and the chance of a future.

I had just arrived at uni when I was told the news of my friend.  A stranger stopped, helped me and walked with me. She hugged me and reassured me it would be okay.

She said, “death isn’t a reality for people your age.”

Her words really struck me and I thought I would share them. I am an average, healthy, 18 year old girl, just starting university. The thought of death is as unreal for me as I’m sure it is as well to many of you.

So, please be grateful for what you have. Tell people you love them and do what you love. Live and spread happiness because you never know what’s around the corner.

RIP angel ❤

By Ashley Saliba



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