Believing the Possible

It’s been 6 weeks since I walked into my first ever class of University at 23 years of age.

Exciting? To an extent.

Daunting? Unimaginably.

From working full time and wandering around directionless, I finally decided to do something I knew I was capable of, but I lacked the confidence and self-belief.

So I did it.

I applied to study full time at university after 5 years out of school earning a full time wage. I went through all the necessary procedures a mature age student applying is required to, and waited 6 long months since my decision to hear of my fate.

I wasn’t accepted in first and second round, but I finally made it in by negotiated offer. After missing out initially; I wondered if I was meant to be here – when my brother, Corey (also mature age) was accepted.

I think I cried periodically for a day and a half; annoying everyone who heard about it. Although I was well aware it wasn’t the end of the world.

I wanted to make this change for myself. I did everything I could within reason and made many calls, sent countless emails to La Trobe to understand my future steps for becoming a student – and I was finally accepted. (#nomoretears)

So far, in just 6 weeks at university I have submitted 5 assignments I’m proud of. I’ve befriended a whole bunch of kind and intelligent souls of all ages, and most importantly – given myself a huge sense of pride knowing I can do anything when focused.

And what a cliché term that one is, but it’s true. I am living proof, no matter how unsure you may be about your journey or yourself, that anything sitting deep inside your heart that can’t be ignored any longer – is achievable.

I can’t wait to see what my future will finally bring, now that I’m in charge of it.

By Jessica

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