As I sit in Agora I am amazed at how fast and busy life here is.

Everyone moves with purpose and they move quickly. It astounds me how people can live like this. In our society we want everything done instantly before moving on to what is next on our agenda.

I understand this, and I myself am guilty of it at times. However, do we have to always be like this? What if you came into university a little earlier? What would you do? I am almost always early to uni, as I live a fair distance from the campus so I allow myself time to get there.

When I arrive with time to spare, I like to sit and just watch. Watch the people, the birds and look over the campus. One of the reasons I chose La Trobe was because of its layout. I thought it was amazing when I first saw it, like a small town with its own parks and gardens. When I feel a little rushed or stressed I like to go out in an open space and just sit there and breathe it all in.

Have you ever realized how amazing La Trobe is? How amazing the people there are and the unique little quirks we have? Why not discover these quirks for yourselves and really look around you?

If something or someone piques your interest why not strike up a conversation? I’ve met many of my friends that way and it can be a highlight of your day to talk with different people.

Take the time to have that coffee with a friend or just sit on Simpson’s lawn for a while. Every week I sit with some friends of mine talking and laughing over a cup of tea. It is one of the highlights of my week that I genuinely look forward to.

Isn’t it amazing to think something so simple can make you happy? La Trobe is full of opportunities like these, if you would only take the time to slow down a little and appreciate it; soak it all in and breathe.

You are only here for a short while. Enjoy it and experience all it has to offer. I promise you won’t regret it.

By Ashlee Bodger

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