Change is inevitable

Walking into the Latrobe Bendigo for the first time has got to be the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve experienced to date and that’s saying something about me. After recently moving from Cairns to Bendigo, you must understand my overwhelming sense of anxiety. Having moved so far away from my friends, my immediate family and my hometown, I was absolutely crapping myself! Suddenly I have all this responsibility and independence and at times I really don’t know what to do with it all. I just keep telling myself that this is what I wanted. I wanted to move out, I wanted to have my own place and car, and I wanted to study something I’m passionate about. Don’t get me wrong, this is still all true, it’s just the change in the every day that I’m still getting used to.

I read somewhere once that the only real constant thing in our lives is change, continuing change and inevitable change. This is true but is only recognisable to someone who has, or is experiencing, this sense of change. I am going through this on a daily basis, even more so now that I have recently started uni at Latrobe.

I’ve learned that change is something that everyone experiences. It’s all normal change, expected even, but nonetheless still important. There are both positives and negatives to this, but in the end, as Asimov says, ‘change is inevitable’. There is no use denying it, you just need to jump right into it, and swim through the ocean’s depth and find your anchor.

So far I’m still swimming but I think I’m getting closer to finding it. Every day I feel more and more passionate and excited about what’s next to come. As long as I stay focused, enjoy myself and make the most of this experience, I think I’ll be okay.

By Findingkira

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