Good Things To Do If You Have Long Travel Times (like me)

This is my introductory post – so be nice! I’m not sure how original this post will be but hey, I don’t know the rules yet; I’m only new! So let’s learn together?

It’s not even 6 weeks in to my first year at University and I have already been able to write a long list of tips and realisations that I have made so far. So instead of blasting you now, there will instead be a succession of these posts. Feel free to comment on your own tips below!

  1. At the start of each semester, note all bus/tram/train time timetables down whether it is in your phone, your diary or via photos.  Just make sure to write it down. It helps you when figuring out should you really be ordering that Chai Latte? Or, could that question for your lecturer wait until next week? This way you will know whether you need to rush for public transport or slow down – especially if it’s extreme weather. I will also add; this is essential for those who take successive transport. Missing your bus by a few minutes because you missed the tram by two seconds is not thrilling!
  1. Download good music, audiobooks and podcasts. You’ll find these essential for long journeys! Audio content such as GoT, BBC podcast’s or fandom-audio-casts is essential! If you can find some audiobooks or podcasts that link to your studies, all the better!
  1. This is not one that the fashion conscience would recommend. However, I am not the said consciousness; be awesomely daggy and take a pair of runners and walk for some exercise!
  1. Sometimes the University will have breakfast served for free (I believe Wednesday mornings) so allow yourself to get up a little later that day and grab some of that freeness. Especially if you’re like me and have a nine AM start!
  1. Always try doing things in your breaks. You already waste time traveling, so make use of what time you do have!
  1. Refresh your memory by doing your pre-readings on the bus/train/tram if it’s possible. Free up that home time.
  1. Most importantly – check the weather before you leave the house. Not just at the start of the week! As we all know Melbourne weather is just a tad unpredictable and no matter how far you’re travelling, you won’t want to and often can’t go back to change. There are a few of my friends (you know who you are) who are renowned for wearing inappropriate shoes that are not suited for the weather, not bringing umbrella’s or neglecting those comfy jumpers on cold and wet days, so be prepared.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post; there will be more coming soon! I hope you are all settling in to the first year life deliciously.

Don’t forget to tell me your tips and realisations below!

 Bisous, bisous

By Maddison

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