Say No to Stress

Nothing says welcome back to university more than assignments. My chest grows tighter and tighter as the tasks I will undertake are handed to me.

I’m just not sure how I am going to manage.

That lovely week off for Easter break just wasn’t long enough. Now, I find myself back to finish off this semester and already I’m counting down the days until the next set of holidays. (And my much needed trip to Hawaii.)

I always seem to focus on the overall set of tasks ahead of me, instead of just focusing on one at a time and let me tell you; it’s not healthy. Stress only leads to lack of sleep and appetite. For someone who loves their sleep, and is always hungry – this isn’t good.

So I’ve decided I need chill out.

University is supposed to be a fun and an enriching experience so I’ve decided I need to stop letting my stress get the best of me and just try and take this new stage in my life, one step at a time.

So I’ve decided to create a checklist:

  1. Create a table outlining the weeks my assignments are due for each of each of my classes so it is laid out in front of me. ✓
  2. Create cue cards as I progress in my marketing subject each week because this subject has an exam and that’s how I learn best for exams. ✓
  3. Possibly take up yoga or some form of meditation eg. get a stress ball (I’m still working on that).

By Adriana

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