Exam prepping and library opening hours

Finding past practice exam papers

Preparing for exams can be tough, take a look at some past exam papers for your subject and start preparing.

And check out some useful tips on preparing for exams.

Melbourne Library opening hours

19 May – 26 June: Melbourne Campus Library will be open 24 hours (Monday – Friday) across all three floors.

Seeing as exams are fast approaching it’s important to prioritise your time. Thankfully the Melbourne campus library will be open for business for up to 24 hours a day during the June examination period (19 May – 26 June).

All three floors can be accessed during the following times:

  • Monday –  Friday: 24 hours (7 am Monday – midnight Friday)
  • Saturday – Sunday: 9.30 am – midnight

If studying late is more your style or you simply need to enter the Library after 10 pm, you will need to register your card online 24 hours before entry and then swipe your card at the door.

There will also be increased security presence during evening hours. Full details on all campus library opening hours.

Happy studying guys, all the best with upcoming assignments and exam revision!

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