Au Revoir Semester One!

It’s time to bid farewell to semester one.

 For many of you, like me, you have completed your very first semester at university. Congratulations – you made it through! All of those awkward and uncomfortable feelings that come with starting somewhere new should be long gone, and that’s definitely something to celebrate!

 Of course, there’s the stress of exams heading our way. Do your best – study efficiently and effectively and you’ll do well. There are heaps of great study tips on this blog – I might even give a few of my own in my next post.

 Once exams are over there’s almost a whole month of holidays to be enjoyed. A few days ago, my grandfather came by, offering advice and inspiration as he so often does. We were discussing future work experience opportunities when he encouraged me to “make the most”of my holidays (the summer holidays in particular – but his wisdom can be applied to just about anything).

 In the context of our discussion, he was telling me to “make the most”of my free time by gaining as much work experience as I can – something that will make me stand out from the pack when I graduate. As important as I believe this is, I also believe it’s important to take the free time we are given in the middle of each year and use it to do something positive.

 That something could be simply increasing your availability and working more at your part-time job to save money. It could be spending more time with your family. It could be reflecting on what went right and what went wrong in semester one, and finding ways to improve in semester two. It could be allowing yourself some “me-time”to relax or it could be getting work experience in your chosen field as my grandpa suggests.

 One thing is for certain, enjoy the break and use it to your advantage.

 By Jemma

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