Feeling as free as a bird

Today was a rather joyous day for me.

After about two highly demanding months I have finally completed a group assignment which seemed at times like it was impossible. I came to university not really understanding just how intense and consuming the work load can truly be. When given such a difficult task for one of my subjects I freaked out and stress head Adriana swiftly raised to the surface.

However – I am thankful it’s over and we all survived (If I may add, we did a fantastic job).

Now looking back at the task we had to complete I am actually grateful for it.  Although it was a challenge I had previously deemed impossible and unrealistic for a bunch of first year students, it taught me a lot about patience and that truly anything’s possible. It also helped that my group was pretty damn fantastic.

Lately, the stress of university has been getting to me.  However, now that this task is complete I’ve come to the realisation that anything is possible and maybe, just maybe, I might actually survive university life.

Hopefully, this optimism lasts through than when I receive my next daunting assignment!


 By Adriana

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